Our Products

The main businesses of LIMA cover macaroni spaghetti pasta production line,instant noodle making line,Puffed food making machine,Snack dessert processing machine,peanut butter making machine, popsicle cream machine,Cone pizza display wamer,Nuts sugar coating machine,French fries production line,Waffle making machine,Egg Roll forming machineetc.

Peanut Butter Making Machine

Peanut butter machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, food,chemical and other industries wet material's superfine grind

Liquid Pasteurization Machine

Liquid tank sterilizer is widely used in the original evaluation formula of fresh milk, yogurt, goats'milk, Luo Tuonai,

Egg white and yolk separate machine

The machine is widely used in egg processing factory, egg wholesale and deep egg process industry, bakery shop for cake

Puffed snacks production line

Floating fish feed pellet mill machine is one of fish feed extruder making quality floating and sinking fish feed pellet

Popsicle machine

Popsicle machine Suitable for fast food shops, food processing factories, ice producing factories and other placesrequir

Samosa dumpling making machine

The dumpling making machine Main features: the dough thickness and stuffing amount can be adjusted.

Fresh noodle making machine

Introducing a comprehensive range of noodle making machine which is widely used to make rice, wheat and other kinds of n

Instant noodle vending machine

Instant noodle vending machine is suitable for hotel,restaurants,school canteen,factory canteen,kindergartens,food manuf

Macaroni spaghetti pasta production line

Italian Pasta Macaroni Making Machine Equipment Process Production Line For Manufacture is produced by single-screw extr

Cone Pizza Display Wamer

Cone Pizza Display WamerWe provide Top quality pizza cone showcase,pizza cone display cabinet

Nuts sugar coating machine

Nuts sugar coating machine is mainly used for making pellet, film coating on tablets.

French Fries Production Line

The line can process fresh potato to the potato chips/french fries/crisp as you request.

Waffle Making Machine

The machine made of stainless steel ,easy to clean and durable easy to operate, short time to bake more be widely used i

Egg Roll Forming Machine

The Commercial cone baker is designed for baking waffle with independent heat control and aluminum molds.

Donut Making Machine

This machine have different models for your choose .Can make different shape donuts.

Soft ice cream machine

Soft ice cream machine is our factory new developed hot sale small tabletop ice cream machine.

Snow ice shaver machine

Snow ice shaver machine Suitable for the hotel, bar, leisure coffee restaurant to make cool ,refreshing and delicious ic

Fry ice cream machine

The Fried ice cream roll machine is a new type of mixing ice machine, can make the hard and soft ice cream. In addition,

Solid High Temperature Pasteurization Machine

Pasteurization machine is suitable for low temperature below 100 DEG C for packaging vegetables, meat products, and milk

Oil press machine

Oil Press Machine Hot & Cold Screw Oil Press Machine is suitable for producing vegetable oil applying psysical pressing

Liquid filling machine

This machine is widely used for packing various kinds of bags: fruit shape bag, bottle shape bag, spout bag, straw bag e